So, I have to come clean. I’m a bit of a fraud when it comes to taking my own advice. Let me explain.

Really? Do we need to do more? Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

It has been one year and here we are. The market hurtled towards it’s bottom and the west watched in horror and awe as a silent enemy made it’s way across Europe. Here in the UK, we went in to lockdown and looking at the data at the time, we could have never have known we would be back in to lockdown for a second and third time. …

Superb personal and professional growth appreciates over time like a well-conceived investment strategy.

The Theory:

Picking the right asset classes (Health/Wisdom/Spiritual assets) to invest in can produce lasting consistent positive growth, even when there is chaos around you. By continuing to invest your appreciated capital (accumulated personal growth), you get the compounding effect of growth over a long period of time. I have spent the last year playing in both investment and personal growth domains and in this article, I aim to draw from seemingly disparate fields to demonstrate an investment ethos for better personal and professional growth.

So, it starts with the stock market?

From what I gather…

Use the power of values to form a guiding light for your life.

Courtesy of weavinginfluence.
Courtesy of weavinginfluence.

There is no better time than now, to turning inward to ourselves and discover more. Knowing your values is a solid foundation, the rock on which to build our house. In this article, I will show you how to set your values foundation, setting you up for a higher quality of awareness of who you are, what you do and what you desire.

I used to think that Values were just hollow words that meant nothing, but in 2013 I had a transformational year discovering Values; For…

The notion of trying to utilise every moment of your 16 waking hours per day is exhausting. I tried it and this is what I learned.

Do you have the constant feeling that you should be doing something to feel useful? Maybe you have a project that you just can’t seem to be able to see though? Perhaps you are doing way too much overtime than what is required, or you finish your day with a lack of satisfaction about what you accomplished? Have you ever drowned yourself in overly ambitious goals that simply cannot be done in a day?

Use the acceleration of virtual interactions to your advantage and unlock a new way of learning. Written by Simon Maher.

Credit for the image to
Credit for the image to

I hopped off the shuttle bus with an absolute buzz of excitement. The Porter smiles and says “Bula Vinaka Sir, welcome. Let me take your bags for you.” I am led to a private pool, where 20 senior leaders were dining on a high-set table surrounded by a knee-deep private pool. I had arrived at Raddison Blu, Denarau Island, Fiji.

My mentor was subsequently facilitating the experience for the entire Leadership Team. We had all come together to deepen and…

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

I have a mate by the name of Pete. He’s a guy with a head full of dreams, and a heart of gold, who accidentally wrapped himself in a cloak of fear. Maybe you

Pete and I have regular calls to talk about the throws of life and in March of 2020, I got a different kind of call. He rang me to announce that there was a buzz about his office and a feeling that people might get sent home at any moment. …

“2020 is cancelled.”

You have likely heard this phrase of recent and if you haven’t, it is an emergent popular culture reference to “cancel culture”, where the people “decide” who and what gets to be relevant based on a set of collective behavioural, social and cultural norms. Ironically we don’t get to decide on 2020 being cancelled, time and a pandemic don't care about our feelings.

If you are anything like me, you have been asking yourself some big questions this year, like, what the hell is going on in 2020 and what am I really in control of right…

2014 Simon, 10 beers deep at Cesar’s Palace, Las Vegas

July 2020, I upload an Instagram poll on participation in dry July and the power of the crowd would decide my fate.

12 months earlier, I was on the phone to my father, telling him about my health check-up results, which showed worrying results for a bloke in his early 30’s. I had shown up hungover to the check-up, just a reflection of my care for my health and at the time speaking to dad. I recall proudly “wearing” the results as if had just won gold in the self-sabotage games.

In 2019, I had spent £4650 on alcohol at…

Credit: Getty Images

Some are calling COVID-19 “the global health crisis of a generation” and one cannot help but to have their eyes glued to social and the mainstream media. If it’s not regularly checking case and casualty numbers, it’s imminent stock market recession and horror stories of individuals, families and friends being directly affected. Earlier in the year, like most people in the western hemisphere I was not so concerned about this virus. Then I read the articles like Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now and watched videos like Joe Rogan Experience with Michael Osterholm.

Then the government sanctions started…

Amidst all…

The Feel Good Blueprint

With a focus on the key themes of Health, Wealth and Wisdom, woven into touch of Art and Culture.

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